Books In Order

Welcome to Books In Order.

The purpose of this website is very simple – to list books in order from character to author.

Any author that has written multiple books, we’ll list all of their books in order. If they have a recurring character, we’ll also list all their books in order.

This website is constantly updated – whenever a new book is announced by an author, we’ll list it. And we continually to add new pages to this website every day, listing the books in order in both publication and chronological order.

Latest Books In Order

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Fiction Books in Order

One thing we do want to note is that we list most books that were fiction books. If there are any non-fiction series of books out there we will of course add them eventually, but fiction books are our forte.

Books in Publication Order

One thing we wanted to note is that we list the books in both publication and chronological order. This allows you to pick the way you want to read them. We will clarify about the books if the publication and chronological order differ from each other.