John Grisham Books In Order

Jake Brigance Books in Publication Order

  1. A Time to Kill (1989) [Best Price Here]
  2. Sycamore Row (2013) [Best Price Here]

Theodore Boone Books in Publication Order

  1. Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (2010) [Best Price Here]
  2. The Abduction (2011) [Best Price Here]
  3. The Accused (2012) [Best Price Here]
  4. The Activist (2013) [Best Price Here]
  5. The Fugitive (2015) [Best Price Here]
  6. The Scandal (2016) [Best Price Here]

Standalone Books in Publication Order

  1. The Firm (1991) [Best Price Here]
  2. The Pelican Brief (1992) [Best Price Here]
  3. The Client (1993) [Best Price Here]
  4. The Chamber (1994) [Best Price Here]
  5. The Rainmaker (1995) [Best Price Here]
  6. The Runaway Jury (1996) [Best Price Here]
  7. The Partner (1997) [Best Price Here]
  8. The Street Lawyer (1998) [Best Price Here]
  9. The Testament (1999) [Best Price Here]
  10. The Brethren (2000) [Best Price Here]
  11. A Painted House (2001) [Best Price Here]
  12. Skipping Christmas (2001) [Best Price Here]
  13. The Summons (2002) [Best Price Here]
  14. The King of Torts (2003) [Best Price Here]
  15. Bleachers (2003) [Best Price Here]
  16. The Last Juror (2004) [Best Price Here]
  17. The Broker (2005) [Best Price Here]
  18. Playing for Pizza (2007) [Best Price Here]
  19. The Appeal (2008) [Best Price Here]
  20. The Associate (2009) [Best Price Here]
  21. The Confession (2010) [Best Price Here]
  22. The Litigators (2011) [Best Price Here]
  23. Calico Joe (2012) [Best Price Here]
  24. The Racketeer (2012) [Best Price Here]
  25. Gray Mountain (2014) [Best Price Here]
  26. Rogue Lawyer (2015) [Best Price Here]
  27. Camino Island (2017) [Best Price Here]

Short Story Collections in Publication Order

  1. Ford County (2009) [Best Price Here]

John Grisham

John Grisham is an incredible author who has wrote some of the better legal thrillers of the past 20 years. In addition to being an award winning author, Grisham has also been a lawyer and a politician. The fact he was a lawyer has helped him in his writing career as many of his better books revolve around legal stories.

It was in 1984 when Grisham was in court, though not for a case he was working, and overheard a young girl tell her story to the jury about how she had been beaten and raped. Grisham had explored the idea about what would have happened if the young girls father were able to save her. This story took Grisham 3 years to complete but it was the inspiration for his first novel “A Time to Kill”

Grisham has many amazing novels include:The Firm, A Time to Kill, The Client, The Pelican Brief. Lots of Grishams work has been turned into TV shows and movies, but as always its recommended to read the book first then watch the movie after.

If you’re new to John Grisham then the first book you need to read is The Firm. After that you can go onto the Pelican Brief or The Client. But you owe it to yourself to at least read A Time to Kill once in your lifetime. The thing with Grisham is if you like his style of writing then you really can’t go wrong with any of his novels.