Robert R. McCammon Books In Order

Michael Gallatin Books in Publication Order

  1. The Wolf's Hour (1989) [Best Price Here]
  2. The Hunter from the Woods (2011) [Best Price Here]

Matthew Corbett Books in Publication Order

  1. Speaks the Nightbird (2002) [Best Price Here]
  2. The Queen of Bedlam (2007) [Best Price Here]
  3. Mister Slaughter (2010) [Best Price Here]
  4. The Providence Rider (2012) [Best Price Here]
  5. The River of Souls (2014) [Best Price Here]

Standalone Books in Publication Order

  1. Baal (1978) [Best Price Here]
  2. Bethany's Sin (1980) [Best Price Here]
  3. The Night Boat (1980) [Best Price Here]
  4. They Thirst (1981) [Best Price Here]
  5. Mystery Walk (1983) [Best Price Here]
  6. Usher's Passing (1984) [Best Price Here]
  7. Swan Song (1987) [Best Price Here]
  8. Stinger (1988) [Best Price Here]
  9. Mine (1990) [Best Price Here]
  10. Boy's Life (1991) [Best Price Here]
  11. Gone South (1992) [Best Price Here]
  12. The Five (2011) [Best Price Here]
  13. I Travel By Night (2013) [Best Price Here]
  14. The Border (2015) [Best Price Here]

Short Story Collections in Publication Order

  1. Blue World (1989) [Best Price Here]

Anthologies in Publication Order

  1. Night Visions 8 (1991) [Best Price Here]
  2. Under the Fang (1991) [Best Price Here]

Robert R. McCammon

Robert Rick McCammon is an American Horror novelist born in Birmingham, Alabama. From the late 1970s to early 1990s he as one of the most popular and influential horror authors which were insanely popular during that time . By 1991 he had already had 3 books on the New York Times best sellers list.

McCammon took a long break from writing due to being dropped by his publisher, McCammon returned with Speaks the Nightbird which is the first book in the Matthew Corbett series. McCammon’s 1985 story Nightcrawlers was turned into an episode of the TV series The New Twilight Zone.

McCammon, like Dean Koontz, refuses to let his first 3 books be republished; Baal (1978), Bethany’s Sin (1980) and The Night Boat (1980). He feels that his first works are not up to the standards of his later work.

Looking to start reading some of Robert R. McCammon’s great horror stories? I would recommend beginning with Blue World, which was nominated for numerous awards, Boy’s Life, which won 2 awards or Usher’s Passing. Another great McCammon read is Swan Song. Not only is it widely regarded as his best work but it was also his first novel to make it onto the New York Times best seller list.