Bob Lee Swagger Books In Order

Publication Order of Bob Lee Swagger Books

  1. Point of Impact (1993) [Best Price Here]
  2. Black Light (1996) [Best Price Here]
  3. Time to Hunt (1998) [Best Price Here]
  4. The 47th Samurai (2007) [Best Price Here]
  5. Night of Thunder (2008) [Best Price Here]
  6. I, Sniper (2009) [Best Price Here]
  7. Dead Zero (2010) [Best Price Here]
  8. The Third Bullet (2013) [Best Price Here]
  9. Sniper's Honor (2014) [Best Price Here]
  10. G-Man (2017) [Best Price Here]

Bob Lee Swagger Books in Chronological Order

The reading order of the Bob Lee Swagger books is the same as the publication order. Time to Hunt features flashbacks to Bob Lee’s time during the war, however it is still recommended you read that after Black Light.

As an additional note, it’s recommended that you read Dirty White Boys after Point of Impact and before Black Light. While Bob Lee isn’t in Dirty White Boys, numerous characters are that also appear in Black Light, and it’s a lot better knowing their backstory.

There are also three books featuring Earl Swagger. Although not necessary, you may want to read those books prior to starting the Bob Lee books. There will be no spoilers in those books and also not too much foreshadowing; the books generally standalone from the Bob Lee series despite the family connection.