Mitch Rapp Books In Order

Mitch Rapp Books in Publication Order

  1. Transfer of Power (1999) [Best Price Here]
  2. The Third Option (2000) [Best Price Here]
  3. Separation of Power (2001) [Best Price Here]
  4. Executive Power (2002) [Best Price Here]
  5. Memorial Day (2004) [Best Price Here]
  6. Consent To Kill (2005) [Best Price Here]
  7. Act of Treason (2006) [Best Price Here]
  8. Protect and Defend (2007) [Best Price Here]
  9. Extreme Measures (2008) [Best Price Here]
  10. Pursuit of Honor (2009) [Best Price Here]
  11. American Assassin (2010) [Best Price Here]
  12. Kill Shot (2012) [Best Price Here]
  13. The Last Man (2012) [Best Price Here]
  14. The Survivor (2014) [Best Price Here]
  15. Order to Kill (2016) [Best Price Here]

Additional Note: While Mitch Rapp does not appear in it, the Vince Flynn book Term Limits, published in 1997, features various characters that will appear in future Mitch Rapp books. If you like the Mitch Rapp books, you will like Term Limits for sure. You can get the best price on it here.

Mitch Rapp Books in Chronological Order

All the Mitch Rapp books take place in the order that they were published EXCEPT for American Assassin. Written in 2010, American Assassin takes place with Mitch Rapp joining the CIA, and details his first missions.

We recommend that you read the books in publication order because you get the full effect of American Assassin having already known Mitch Rapp, and it’s a lot better book due to that.